Sunday, 17 July 2016


Still no proper personal take on all that's happened on this blessed (soon to be abandoned) island since that fucking referendum. It's coming. But PROJECT CATALUNYA is keeping us busy here: a cathartic clearing out of loft-bound possessions of zero utility - selling some stuff, giving, giving some stuff away, dumping other stuff; making arrangements for removals; paperwork, paperwork, paperwork; arranging leaving parties and drinks that map sensibly to the complex Venn diagam of our overlapping social lives; doing a couple of weeks of paid work not so much for the modest money as for the useful experience it provides ahead of the thing we're going to be doing for a living up in those Catalan hills.

There is still time to run and jump and lift etc., albeit less time than I'd like. A recent session was greased on its tiring way by:   

  • Chemise: She Can't Love You [1982]
  • Skyy: Show Me The Way [1983]
  • Ahmed Fakroun: Nisyan [1977]
  • Chakachas: Stories [1972]
  • The Boris Gardner Happening ft. Leslie Butler: Ghetto Funk [1973]
  • Kokolo: Soul Power [2008]
  • Hülya Süer Şeker Oğlan(Kozmonot Rework)[2015]*
  • Ihsan Al-Munzer: Sari Aghtchik [??]**


*This seems to be a pretty radical 2015 remix ("rework", if you will) of a song by a Turkish Singer, Hülya Süer, about whom I have found precious little information. Various photos of her dotted around online appear to be have been taken over many years. Judging by her makeup and hairstyle in the photo accompanying mentions of this track, I'm inclined to guess the original recording was made some time in the 1970s. 

**This track was recorded in Lebanon some time in the 1970s. I don't have more specific info than that.

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