Sunday, 3 July 2016


BREXIT REFERENDUM: an angry, exasperated, worried this is my england response IS brewing. But it may take a few more days to emerge. As PROJECT CATALUNYA gathers pace, a third trip to the area has turned out to be necessary, and is set to take place later this coming week. This time the focus will be on confirming a temporary home to serve as a reasonably comfortable base for the first 6-12 months of our new life abroad. But I'm still managing to have a go at working off the excess weight, firming up the excess softness and doing something about a long legacy of under-addressed puniness. The day after the referendum, I spent a fiery hour with my perceptive PT, who wisely selected a session consisting largely of slamming things onto other things very hard. Cathartic. A little. Not enough, of course. Left to my own devices a day or so later, I moved about a bit to a funny old soundtrack: nostalgia for my clubbing days at the front end, followed by a couple of oddities recorded in the Soviet Union of all places:

  • Frankie Knuckles: Your Love [1986]
  • D.O.P.: Future Le Funk [1992]
  • Saint Etienne: Only Love Can Break Your Heart [1991]
  • Rozalla: Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) [1991]
  • CeCe Peniston; Finally [1991]
  • Andrei Petrov: Mondniy Tanec [1977]
  • Aleksander Zatsepin: Tanec Shamana [1974]

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