Thursday, 23 June 2016


An unnecessary, divisive and toxic plebiscite foisted upon us so David Cameron could continue to be PM. Endless and unpunished lying. The impossibility of denying that we now live in a post-truth era in which experts and facts are routinely reviled and rejected. Unless they're on your side. It's nearly done. Hoping for the right result. Lots simmering away in the background as PROJECT CATALUNYA gathers pace. No wonder I needed another run and additional physical jerks, part of all that lightened by: 
  • Ill Biskits: 22 Years [1994]
  • Handsome Boy Modeling School ft. J-Live & Róisín Murphy: The Truth [1999]
  • Nu: MAN O TO [2012]
  • Capricorn: 20 Hz [1993]
  • The Aloof: Never Get Out Of The Boat [1991]

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