Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Closer now to my death than my birth. Preferring not to crumble, crinkle, stiffen and rot at a noticeably alarming rate. PT, then. Jerks, then. Buying, if nothing else, at least a feeling of keeping the doctor, the undertaker and the reaper at bay. So, the treadmill whirs, the feet slam, the weights clank. I suck my gut in and start to think that I now resemble a barrel-chested little fuck rather than a sagging sack of shit. Today's progress was made easier by:

  • Tower of Power: Ebony Jam [1975]
  • Cameo: Word Up! [1986]
  • Sly & The Family Stone: Loose Booty [1974]
  • Anita Ward: Ring My Bell [1979]
  • Odyssey: Going Back to My Roots [1981]
  • Gwen McRae: All This Love That I'm Giving [1979]
  • Róisín Murphy: Overpowered [2007]

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