Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Relentlessly angry men who hate and fear women, blacks, Asians, Muslims, Jews, gays, difference, change, the future: following George's Bernard Shaw's sage advice about not wrestling with a pig, I only rarely bother to engage with these guys. As Shaw has it, you get dirty and, besides, the pig likes it.

I went on about all this at some length back in March, mentioning the destructive, malicious (but ultimately tragicomic) jailbird Joshua Bonehill-Paine along the way. Prior to his current incarceration, I did lower myself to the point of reacting to his horrible nonsense once or twice. Not an edifying experience. Left an unpleasant taste. So much so, in fact, that by and large I continue to stay out of the discussions about this notorious troublemaker which continue to simmer on months after Bonehill-Paine got locked up. A good number of people clearly find the guy fascinating, both from the perspective of support and approval and from positions of antipathy. Car crash stuff. Can't quite look away. The story of Bonehill-Paine might even provide good material for a fictional treatment in words or on film: a much sillier, lonelier version of the character played by Edward Furlong in American History X, perhaps.

Anyway, my occasional monitoring of the fizzling chitchat about this odd cat sometimes yields evidence of further angry, disappointed young(-ish) men at least as deluded, hubristic and bitter as Bonehill-Paine himself. One such is a poor chap named David Child who once allowed himself to be cheated out of £500 by Bonehill-Paine. Styling himself a nationalist and champion of "white rights", Child ticks all the boxes when it comes to whom he hates and fears. It wouldn't do you much good to look at a large quantity of his output. But I offer one gem for your consideration. 

In conversation with some like-minded souls, Child contends that he "won't" consider sexual relations with any woman who has previously joined in coitus with "a non-white". His prerogative, of course. But when one sees a photograph of Mr Child (pictured below, on the right, shaking hands with Bonehill-Paine), it becomes difficult to imagine that he often finds himself in the position of turning down offers of sex, even on the grounds stated in his above tweet. But maybe I'm being unkind. There's someone for everyone, I guess. Maybe even this guy.

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