Thursday, 17 March 2016


In October we went to Liverpool and the Wirral for a couple of days. It was a fairly enjoyable if largely uneventful trip. Right now, I'm looking at the handful of photos I took. This is my favourite:

This was taken at ADVENTURELAND in New Brighton. Inside: arcade machines. Outside: small fairground-style rides. Not great. But my son liked it well enough. Long may his low standards continue. Budding sophisticate he may be. But, at the age of 10, he can still be fobbed off with second rate attractions: weary, faded mini-golf; a dismal, ill-smelling travelling fair staffed by unsmiling tweakers. So, the cups of tea, the how-have-you-beens, the that's-very-nices, the walking, the eating and all that other adult stuff was punctuated by a short but slow interlude at ADVENTURELAND. The whirligigs whirled. The leaden sky swirled. I just looked at this sign above the entrance to the indoor part of the place and found myself imagining the conversation that would have unfolded when the signwriting firm delivered it to ADVENTURELAND. Didn't anyone look at any proofs or anything?

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