Tuesday, 5 August 2014


So last night I leave the gym and glance into the window of this little art gallery shop that's right there in the same little shopping precinct. I have NEVER seen a picture I actively liked in that window. NEVER. It all looks like stuff that people would buy to match their sofa or whatever. BEIGE, right? Some of it I actually hate. Some of it is just meh. Anyway, my eye rests on the name of the person who's done some sunflowery number number priced at over three grand. Immediate double-take. Timmy Mallett? THE Timmy Mallett??

Anyhow, a Twitter acquaintance of mine not only confirms that the artist is THE Timmy Mallett (how could there be more than one?) but also regales me with the following:

mate of mine paid £2,500 for one of his paintings. Best day of my life when he told me. He's still not lived it down.
Fast forward to this morning. Timmy himself has clearly been searching Twitter for mentions of himself. How else could he have found and then favo(u)rited my original double-take? It feels strange to have briefly been noticed (albeit only in my anonymous virtual incarnation) by someone I found cringe-makingly irritating back when we kids had very little to choose from on TV (man, I really could have used the Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10 etc. back then).

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