Wednesday, 9 July 2014


on Monday, a full update of stu bags antics was promised. only half of it was delivered then. so here's the other half. it concerns stu's long held interest in the bench adjacent to his Camden canvas (that sometime white rectangle). this is my england can only begin to imagine stu's horror when the bench, some time this spring, was rendered useless (all back and no seat):

stu was pleased, therefore, when the dear old bench was replaced by a new one:

that said, he was concerned to notice that the little plaque (dedicating the bench to the late Frederick Pearce) was absent from the new piece of street furniture. so stu took it upon himself to do something about this outrage. not sure if his effort is still in place. but at least he had a go. you'd hope that the Pearce family would be pleased:

(one thing we learn from this: when you dedicate a bench to some departed loved one: it may not last forever)

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