Monday, 7 October 2013


I'm not about to wade into the complexities of the debate over the use of the word Yid at White Hart Lane.  I have strong views on the subject, but limited time in which to express them right now. Another time, perhaps. In the meantime, I merely present some of what passes for banter in the minds of some West Ham fans.

Almost exactly a year ago, I felt genuine revulsion when a fellow QPR supporter used Twitter to tell the world that the song he'd most enjoyed singing last season was one containing a reference to gas chambers and directed at the Spurs crowd. I was at the match at which he claimed to have delivered this chant and I am pleased to say that I didn't hear it - and didn't hear anything else similar. The words of that one fellow Rangers supporter aside, my Twitter timeline (I follow several hundred QPR fans) has also remained mercifully clear of tweets with an anti-Semitic tone on the occasions my team has played Tottenham over the last couple of years. So it is to be hoped that he was singing alone. Among the West Ham fan base, though, many more people seem to believe this sort of stuff is not beyond the pale. Yesterday's impressive Hammers win has not brought out the best in some followers of the East London club:


  1. I'm not Jewish but all those posts go to show how truly ignorant and cruel some human beings can be. That being said look at the pictures of the perpetrators and you will notice most or all of them are under eighteen, lets hope if/when they ever grow up they will one day look back and cringe at such disgraceful behaviour.

  2. Disgraceful, they all should be ashamed of themselves. Most/all appear to be under eighteen and as they go through life I am sure some of them will meet Jewish people along the way, when they do lets hope they look back and reflect upon those ill thought words and cringe at their lack of maturity and philanthropy.