Monday, 9 September 2013

A spot of pig wrestling

Twitter continues to delight and amaze. It offers a power akin to telepathy. A form of x-ray vision, if you will - one can peer through the skulls of complete strangers, often located many miles away, and see enough of their thoughts to work out something about the characters within. The very considerable downside of this facility is the resulting (and ever-strengthening) conclusion to which you may arrive: that way too many people squander the wonderful power of the human brain on narrow, dismal and fearful ideas.

Take Adam Roberts of the Fazakerley district of Liverpool, for example. When in Manchester, Adam likes to drive around taking photos of Orthodox Jews in their frummer finery. He describes this activity as "Jew hunting". He then tweets the pictures, accompanied with hashtag commentary suggesting that his attitude to Jewish people is not an especially positive one:

A very quick glance at Adam's timeline reveals that he is a fan of Swedish house DJ Eric Prydz. Forgetting, not for the first time, George Bernand Shaw's warning about wrestling with pigs, I thought it might be fun to spar with Adam for a few minutes:

In the ensuing battle of wits, Adam's anti-semitism turns out to be as flexible as his bullshit is risible and as his fibs are transparent:

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