Friday, 3 May 2013

that OCD cleanathon thing...

... it gets a grip of some people, doesn't it? on their hands and knees at all hours, scrubbing the floor, polishing the banisters, removing every speck of dust from every stick furniture. OUT DAMNED SPOT. RUB, DON'T BLOT. and all that. some kind of obsession. cleanliness is all. the devil is in the dirt. well, as far back as March, there were signs that this nervous condition was gripping our man stu (the mischief-making stickers and stencils maestro of Camden). further proof of this can now be seen on stu's rectangle of choice. all he bangs on about these days is clean this and clean that. the poor chap's been driven to distraction by the destruction of his art. now he's expressing this frustration via the medium of dirty van (complete with CLEAN ME finger daubs):

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