Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mbia fined, QPR mugged off

On Monday, tweets from the Twitter account of QPR's Stéphane Mbia seemed to indicate that the player was keen on a return to Olympique de Marseille and that he was stupid enough to say so via such a public channel. This was followed by press reports to the effect that Mbia's account had been hacked. Then came a further tweet from Mbia's account to the effect that the account had not been hacked. Right now (Wednesday lunchtime), this latter remark remains on the player's timeline. As promised, QPR have investigated the matter and taken action. This just in from the club's press man:

So we are to believe that even now, Mbia cannot log into his supposedly hacked account and remove the remarks written by some third party? Well, I know what we would have said at school on hearing such an obviously false story: CHINNY RECKON. BENNY BULLSHIT. FANTASY ISLAND.

What's really happened, then, is that the idiot Mbia, caught out like a naughty child, refuses to do the decent thing and admit what he's done. So the club has to give him his deserved rap on the knuckles but pretend it's for allowing his account to be hacked rather than for his real offence (i.e. mugging the club off by announcing publicly that he wants to return to his beloved l'OM). Ridiculous. Farcical. Only at fucking QPR.


  1. one of the poorest articles I have seen written in a while. I assume you dont do this as a job?

  2. Once again true words form T.I.M.E. Mbia is an absolute clown and a disgrace to QPR. He was the natural culmination of the kind of shite we have been signing since our ill fated return to the premiership after we began the trend with the signing of the despicable Barton. Sadly this was an unnoticed indication of the recruitment standards to follow. Not the QPR way or the QPR sort. As for your comments Mr Anonymous this blog is a quality read and much better than most who do this for a living. Can you do better?

  3. Like Mbia but definitely at fault for the tweets. One of the better BAD signings. Thinks he's a little better than he is.