Thursday, 24 January 2013


I won't bore you with the details, but this evening I had one of those conversations that can  make you worry about how many horrible sods there are in the world, about the positions of influence some of those horrible sods can occupy, and about the fact that there's often not a lot that decent people can do about any of this. During the preceding working day, I'd taken so many phone calls that my mobile battery had run right down to zero, cutting me off from the news, information and comment beyond the long and surprisingly dismal chat in the pub next to the office. 

So then I came home and fired up the laptop in order to check on today's football scores. Hoping for a little brightness, I wanted to see how I'd got on with my fantasy football selections, and I was hoping to learn that Chelsea had been knocked out of the League Cup. Happily, I'd racked up a fair few fantasy points, courtesy, in the main, of Messrs Cazorla and Podolski. Even more happily, those blue bastards from SW6 had indeed succumbed to the stifling style of Swansealona

The result, of course, has been overshadowed by the moment of madness around the 81st minute of play. 

Sure, the ball boy seems to have been a bit of an arse. Sure, we know that clubs clearly instruct ball boys to hold on to the ball and waste time when the home side are hanging on for a favourable result. It seems naive to believe that doesn't go on. But the lad at the Liberty Stadium was clearly a bit too obvious about it, not only during tonight's silly incident but also ahead of the match:

But Eden Hazard is the bigger idiot. Kicking out at a ball boy? REALLY? In a packed stadium? In front of the home fans? On live television? The Belgian player has talent. But intelligence, judgement and common sense? Not so much. 

Hazard, as we already knew, is not the only talented moron employed by Chelsea Football Club. The indiscretions and the arrogance of Messrs Terry and Cole are the stuff of legend. 

To this list we can now add the unprofessional, immature prick who runs the official @chelseafc Twitter account. In reaction to Hazard's richly deserved red card, the nameless tweeter opined thus:

Yes, that's right. Football must have "gone mad" when a professional player gets a red card for kicking out at a teenage kid. If the game were sane, in this tweeter's analysis, grown men should be able to do whatever they feel like when frustrated and provoked, up to and including sticking the boot into an uncooperative ball boy.

Of course, the Chelsea social media person has since retracted (and deleted) the above remark... 

... but, once again, the true colours of the south west London club have been clearly shown. The Pensioners' official Twitter feed's comment is entirely consistent with the brand values of an organisation which:

  • fights tooth and nail to defend a player who shouts "fucking black cunt" at an opponent
  • imposes no meaningful punishment on a player who shoots someone with an air rifle
  • employs humourless goons to frisk away fans so thoroughly as to ensure hundreds of them miss the opening minutes of a match
  • feels comfortable with a home supporter bringing an EDL flag to games
  • behaves in a markedly odd way when its players falsely accuse (with delicious irony) a referee of racial abuse

Same old toxic, unlovely Chelsea: shaming the decent people among its supporters again, and again and again... 

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  1. 100% agreement on your comments on the Scum. Probably the most despised football club anywhere I would hope. As we know this charming lot down in SW6 have a long history of bad behaviour, remember the referee who had the temerity not to award Chelscum every single decision in a match against Barcelona and was then faced with death threats ! I could go on and on but I would say it all starts at the top and permeates down including the appointment of some managers who set the tone for this whole club thinking they are above the law. I would love the FA to come down on this lot like a ton of bricks but it aint gonna happen. As for the mighty hoops, we keep on fighting and in Harry we trust.